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From the Cottage Plan Series Key West Cottage House Plans  .......Duval_Cottage_Plans_art

As a 2 story home -  1840 sf enclosed - 3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths

As a 2 Story + Attic home  -  2220 sf enclosed - 4 Bedrooms - Den - 3.5 Baths

Width 30 feet - Depth 44 feet       Download your Cottage House Plans Set Now  $495.00

The Duval Street Cottage House Plans .....

 This Key West Cottage is named after the main Street in Key West but the style is found throughout the coastal port cities of the Ante Bellum South. Tobin_Cottage_Plans It is typical of Key West, New Orleans and Savannah which were expanding during this early 19th century period.  The roots of the architecture are founded in the Greek Revival style and the Creole French double-tiered porch. The porch dominates visually as it did socially when the porch played an important role in tropical Victorian life as a center for both social and domestic activity.  You can find out more about the history of coastal Southern architecture in our History of Caribbean-Island Styles.


 As it predecessors, our Cottage House Plans feature large front and rear porches which function as a shady retreat, as well as, an entertainment area for family and guests.  The upper balconies provide large walkout balcony space for all of the second floor bedrooms.  Operable French doors opening onto the porches provide large ventilating openings on warm nights.  These Cottage House Plans feature traditional operable shutters, hardwood staircases and a large island kitchen.  The home is detailed with classical gingerbread rails and capitals and finished both inside and out with multiple molding.  


Attic_Cottage_plansOne feature of the house, which is not immediately apparent, is the large usable full height attic which measures some 12' by 30' long and is framed with delightful sloping ceiling and contains 2 full bedrooms and a bath.  The space can be finished now or later when needed and provides a large finished floor area at very little cost. The space is ideal for children's rooms or as a quiet retreat for office or study. 


These Cottage House Plans were specifically designed for economical and simple construction and have a minimal amount of wasted space.  If you don't need the fully finished third floor, the cottage functions very well as a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath two story.  In either case these cottage house plans have a minimal footprint and can be built on a very small lot.  These are cottage house plans that we can recommend for construction by an owner/builder.  The extensive gingerbread, rails, trim patterns and staircase details are simplified and explained in our detailed plan sets and are intended to be built by any woodworker with average skills.


You can order plans sets by clicking  Key West Cottage House Plans .  The Cottage House floor plans are shown below.




  The Duval Street Kew West Cottage House Plans 

Key West Cottage House Plans

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